Founded in 2009, the company has been focusing on developing fertilizers used for organic farming
and biofood to stabilize its business. With constant investment in technology,
the company has become one of the leading companies in the industry.


General Provisions

  • Article 1. Purpose

    The purpose of this Terms and Conditions is to specify the rights, duties, and responsibilities of Hanabio and its users with regard to the use of the e-commerce services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by the Hanabiotech Co., Ltd. internet site (hereinafter referred to as "Hanabio") run by Hanabiotech Co., Ltd. (e-commerce business operator). *This shall also apply mutatis mutandis to e-commerce that uses PC communication, smartphone apps, and wireless connection unless it is against its nature.

  • Article 2. Definition

    ① "Hanabio" refers to a virtual business site set to trade goods via the information technology facilities such as computers in order for the company to provide goods and services (hereinafter referred to as "Goods") to its users; it is also used to refer to the service business operator.
    ② "User" refers to a member/non-member who accesses "Hanabio" and receives the Services provided by "Hanabio" according to this Terms and Conditions.
    ③ "Member" refers to a user who signed up for "Hanabio" and can keep using the Services provided by "Hanabio."
    ④ "Non-member" refers to a user who used the Services provided by "Hanabio" without membership.
    ⑤ "Inactive member" refers to a member of "Hanabio" who has not used the Services for a year or longer. The Services may be restricted to inactive members according to "Hanabio" policies. To be able to normally use the Services again, they have to go through the personal identification process set by "Hanabio" to ensure safe transaction.

  • Article 3. Specification, description, and revision of Terms and Conditions

    ① "Hanabio" shall publish all of this Terms and Conditions, business name, CEO name, business site address (including the address of the site that resolves customer complaints), phone number/fax number/email address, business registration number, telemarketing business registration number, and Chief Privacy Officer on the main page of the service website (front side) so that its users can easily identify the aforementioned information. However, a link to this Terms and Conditions may be provided so that users can read it in another connected page.
    ② Before users consent to the use of this Terms and Conditions,"Hanabio" shall provide a separately linked page or popup window to get user confirmation so that the users can acknowledge important information, such as cancellation of agreement, delivery responsibilities, and refund conditions,
    ③ "Hanabio" may revise this Terms and Conditions within the limits of the relevant laws such as "Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.", "Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act", "Framework Act on Electronic Document and Electronic Commerce", "The Electronic Financial Transaction Act", "Digital Signature Act", "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.", "Door-to-Door Sales, etc. Act", and "Framework Act on Consumers".
    ④ In the event that "Hanabio" revise this Terms and Conditions, "Hanabio" shall announce and publish the effective date and reason for revision along with the previous Terms and Conditions on the main page of the mall website seven (7) days before the effective date up until one (1) day before the effective date. However, if the revised terms are disadvantageous to users, the announcement shall be made with a grace period of at least thirty (30) days before the effective date. In this case, "Hanabio" shall make a clear comparison of the terms before and after the revision so that users can clearly understand the changes.
    ⑤ If "Hanabio" revises the terms, the revised terms shall be applied only to the contracts made after the effective date, and for the contracts made before the effective date, the previous terms shall be applied. However, if users who already entered into the previous Agreement before revision want the revised terms to be applied to them, deliver their such intention to "Hanabio" within the notice period for revised terms according to Paragraph 4, and get Hanabio's approval, then the revised terms will be applied to them.
    ⑥ For anything that is not specified by this Terms and Conditions and the interpretation of this Terms and Conditions, Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc., Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc. (set forth by Fair Trade Commission), relevant laws, and commercial practices shall be followed.

Services of the Company

  • Article 4. Provision and Change of Services

    ① "Hanabio" shall perform the following:
    1. Provision of information about goods and services and conclusion of the purchase agreement
    2. Delivery of contracted goods and services
    3. Any other works tasked by "Hanabio"
    ② "Hanabio" may change the amount of goods or services that it has to provide with the future contract in the event that goods and services are out of stock or there are changes in technical specifications. In this case, the changes in the amount of goods and services and the date of delivery should be specified and displayed on the site where the details of the current goods and services are displayed.
    ③ If "Hanabio" changes the Services to be provided to users under this Agreement due to the goods and services that went out of stock or any change in technical specifications, then "Hanabio" shall immediately notify the users of the reason for the change by sending the notice to valid addresses of the users.
    ④ In the previous paragraph, "Hanabio" shall be held responsible to indemnify the users for any damage that incurs from the change. However, "Hanabio" shall not be held responsible if it proves that it did not cause the damage either intentionally or negligently.

  • Article 5. Service Interruption

    ① "Hanabio" may temporarily stop the provision of the Services if maintenance, replacement, or failure of IT facilities (computers) or loss of communication occurs.
    ② "Hanabio" shall indemnify the users or third party for any damage arising out of the temporary interruption according to Paragraph 1 above. However, "Hanabio" is not held responsible if it proves its non-intention or non-negligence for such damage.
    ③ If "Hanabio" can no longer provide the Services due to business change, business closure, business M&A, etc., then it shall notify the users using the method specified in Article 8 and compensate them according to the conditions initially set by "Hanabio". However, if "Hanabio" has not communicated the reward criteria before, it shall convert its users' mileage points or credit to cash or products of which value is equivalent to the currencies used in "Hanabio" and pay them to the users

Membership Signup Agreement

  • Article 6. Membership Signup

    ① Users can apply for the Services by filling out the membership form provided by "Hanabio" and consenting to this Terms and Conditions.
    ② "Hanabio" shall grant membership to users who applied for it according to Paragraph 1 above, provided that they do not belong to any of the following:
    1. The applicant has lost their membership previously according to Article 7-3 (except in the case where the applicant gains permission from "Hanabio" for new membership after three (3) years have passed since the applicant has lost its membership according to Article 7-3)
    2. One or more fields in the application form are omitted, incorrect, or false
    3. Accepting the users as member is highly likely to interrupt with "Hanabio" services considering the technical limitation of "Hanabio"
    4. Only users at the age of 14 years or older can sign up for the e-commerce service and conclude this membership signup agreement
    ③ The conclusion of this membership signup agreement is established on the date when the approval notice of "Hanabio" membership is reached to the users.
    ④ If there are any changes to their personal information, members must notify "Hanabio" of the changes within a considerable amount of time by changing their corresponding member information.

  • Article 7. Membership Withdrawal and Disqualification

    ① Members may request membership withdrawal at any time to "Hanabio", and upon receiving such request, "Hanabio" shall quickly proceed with the process of membership withdrawal according to the method specified by "Hanabio".
    ② "Hanabio" may restrict or suspend members if any of the following applies to them:
    1. Entered information of another person or false information, or there is information missing or incorrect
    2. Failed to make a payment for goods purchased from "Hanabio" or fulfill any payment obligation by due date
    3. Threatening the security of e-commerce by interrupting other users' use of "Hanabio" or illegally using another person's information
    4. Violating the law, this Terms and Conditions, or public order and good morals using "Hanabio"
    5. Disrupting or damaging the business or sound operation of "Hanabio" by doing any of the following behaviors:
    A. Defame the honor of "Hanabio" or undermine the credibility of "Hanabio" by stating or distributing groundless information or false rumor in regards with the business of "Hanabio"
    B. Interrupting the operation of "Hanabio" by verbally/physically threatening, sexually harassing, or doing any other similar behaviors to the staff of "Hanabio" during the use of "Hanabio"
    C. Disrupting the business of "Hanabio" by repeatedly canceling or requesting a refund without a valid reason after purchasing goods from "Hanabio"
    D. Disrupting the business of "Hanabio" by frequently canceling or requesting a full or partial refund, or raising a grievance after using goods or services purchased from "Hanabio" even though there are no particular problems with the goods or services
    E. Failed to confirm personal identification or found out to be a different person after the personal identification process done by "Hanabio"
    F. The personal information (name, phone number, address, etc.) of the member is the same as another member of "Hanabio"
    G. Used the Services for wrongful purpose or business profits
    H. Suspected to be using the Services wrongfully by using the same/similar member information such as ID, phone number, address, etc.
    I. Members who are restricted from using the Services or suspended arbitrarily terminates this Terms and Conditions and reapply for the membership during the penalty period
    J. Infringed the intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trade mark rights of "Hanabio" by illegally collecting or externally publishing/posting/using the information of goods and services of "Hanabio"
    K. A person who is recognized as already a member of "Hanabio" based on their name, address, phone number, etc. signed up again for the Services using a different ID
    ③ If Paragraph 2 applies to members, "Hanabio" may withdraw all benefits it has provided to the members (e.g. mileage points, coupons) or restrict them from using certain services (e.g. shipping cancellation).
    ④ "Hanabio" may cancel the membership of its users who disrupted the fair trading of "Hanabio" by repeatedly purchasing goods from "Hanabio" for the purpose of reselling.
    ⑤ After "Hanabio" restricts/suspends the membership of its users, if the same behavior that caused the penalty is repeated twice or the reason for the penalty is not corrected within thirty (30) days, "Hanabio" may cancel their membership.
    ⑥ For any membership that is canceled by "Hanabio", the membership registration will be obliterated. In this case, it will be notified to the members and give them a chance to justify their position at least thirty (30) days before the obliteration of their membership registration.

  • Article 8. Notice to Members

    ① When sending a notice to its members, "Hanabio" may send a notice via email (or mail), text messaging, phone, fax, etc. as specified by members under their current agreement with "Hanabio".
    ② For a notice to many and unspecified members, "Hanabio" may post the notice on the bulletin board for at least one (1) week in lieu of an individual notice to each. However, an individual notice should be sent for significant matters that affect the personal transaction of members.

Purchase Agreement and Payment

  • Article 9. Purchase Order

    ① "Hanabio" users shall make a purchase order in the following ways (or similar ways) at "Hanabio", "Hanabio" shall provide the following information in an easily understandable manner when users are making a purchase order:
    1. Search and selection of goods
    2. Input of the recipient's full name, address, phone number, email address (or mobile phone number), etc.
    3. Confirmation of information related to the burden of expense such as this Terms and Conditions, services where subscription cancellation rights are restricted, delivery and fee
    4. Visual indication of consenting to this Terms and Conditions and confirming Subparagraph 3 above (e.g. mouse click)
    5. Purchase order for goods and its confirmation or the consent of "Hanabio" regarding the confirmation
    6. Selection of transaction method
    ② If "Hanabio" needs to provide/consign personal information of purchasers to a third party, it must obtain consent from the purchasers at the time of their purchase order, and should not obtain comprehensive consent in advance during member signup. At this time, "Hanabio" shall specify to purchasers the personal information to be provided, the recipient, the recipient's purpose of the using the personal information and retention/use period. However, if there are any other related statues regarding this such as Article 25-1 Entrustment of Management of Personal Information in "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.", those statues shall be followed.

  • Article 10. Conclusion of Agreement

    ① "Hanabio" may decline a purchase order such as those specified in Article 9 if it falls to any one of the following subparagraphs. However, "Hanabio" must post a notice that a minor or their legal guardian may cancel this Agreement if the legal guardian's consent has not been obtained when concluding this Agreement with the minor.
    1. One or more fields in the purchase order are omitted, incorrect, or false
    2. A minor is purchasing goods and services (e.g. cigarettes, alcohol) prohibited under Juvenile Protection Act
    3. Accepting the purchase order is highly likely to interrupt with "Hanabio" services considering the technical limitation of "Hanabio"
    4. The customer who makes a purchase order is identified as a user whose membership is restricted/suspended/canceled according to Article 7
    ② This Agreement is concluded at the moment when the consent from "Hanabio" reaches the user in the form of receipt confirmation specified in Article 14-1.
    ③ The consent message from "Hanabio" shall include confirmation of user's purchase order, product availability, correction/cancellation of agreement, etc.

  • Article 11. Payment Method

    Payment can be made for goods or services purchased from "Hanabio" by any of the following methods. However, "Hanabio" cannot charge any fee to the price of the good with regard to the user-selected payment method.
    ① Various account transfer (e.g. telephone banking, net banking, email banking)
    ② Various card payments (e.g. prepaid card, debit card, credit card)
    ③ Online deposit without a bankbook
    ④ Payment with electronic money
    ⑤ Payment upon receiving the product
    ⑥ Payment with "Hanabio" mileage points
    ⑦ Payment with gift card from partners of "Hanabio" or approved by "Hanabio"
    ⑧ Any other electronic payment

  • Article 12. Mileage Points

    ① "Hanabio" may offer a certain amount of mileage points to its members for their purchase activities, event participation, etc.
    ② Members can pay with their mileage points to purchase products from "Hanabio", and "Hanabio" shall separately post information such as mileage points earning criteria, how to use, valid period, and restrictions on the website. The conditions on the use of mileage points may vary depending on the policies of "Hanabio".
    ③ Mileage points cannot be refunded in cash.
    ④ Members cannot transfer mileage points to a third party or another ID, trade them for money, or exchanged them for cash.
    ⑤ "Hanabio" may restrict the use of mileage points, cancel the purchase order made with mileage points, or suspend membership if members earned mileage points using a method not authorized by "Hanabio" or illegal method such as provision of false information or if members used them illegally or for unjustifiable purpose.
    ⑥ Mileage points are lost immediately upon withdrawal of membership, and once lost, they cannot be recovered even after signing up again.
    ⑦ If members spend their mileage points they earned from purchases or events but the cause of earning the mileage points is somehow canceled (e.g. product refund), they shall return their mileage points to "Hanabio". If there is any remaining mileage points balance, it will be deducted automatically from their account or deducted automatically until the full mileage points are paid out.
    ⑧ The valid period of mileage points is noticed, and any unused amount will be lost immediately when expired.
    ⑨ The mileage points policy of "Hanabio" is applied to all members as per Article 2. However, notice and processing could be limited for inactive members according to the relevant laws.

  • Article 13. Discount Coupon

    ① Discount coupons are offered to members for free. "Hanabio" can specify the subject of use, how to use them, valid period, price discount amount, etc. so that members can apply their discount coupons when purchasing a product on the website . The types and details of the use of discount coupons may vary depending on the policies of "Hanabio".
    ② "Hanabio" shall post or display a separate notice describing the subject of use, how to use them, valid period, price discount amount, etc. on the website.
    ③ Discount coupons cannot be refunded in cash. If discount coupons are expired, purchase is canceled, or this Term and Conditions are terminated, they will be deleted.
    ④ Members cannot transfer discount coupons to a third party or another ID, trade them for money, or exchanged them for cash.
    ⑤ "Hanabio" may restrict the use of discount coupons, cancel the purchase order made with discount coupon, or suspend membership if members earned discount coupons using a method not authorized by "Hanabio" or if members used them illegally or for unjustifiable purpose.
    ⑥ Any unused discount coupons among all discount coupons provided by "Hanabio" are lost immediately upon withdrawal of membership, and once lost, they cannot be recovered even after signing up again.

  • Article 14. Receipt Confirmation Notice

    ① "Hanabio" shall send a receipt confirmation notice to users upon receiving a purchase order from them.
    ② Once received the receipt confirmation notice, the users may request a change or cancellation of the purchase order immediately after receiving the notice, and "Hanabio" shall accept the request at the request of the users if the request was made before shipping the purchased products. If payment is already made, the regulations such as Article 17. Cancellation of Agreement should be followed.

  • Article 15. Provision of Goods

    ① "Hanabio" shall take necessary measures, such as customizing orders and packaging, so that it can deliver the products purchased by users within seven (7) days from the date of purchase unless otherwise specified by separate agreement between the users and "Hanabio" regarding the delivery period of goods. However, "Hanabio" shall take measures within three (3) business days from the date of receiving the payment if the payment for goods is already received in whole or in part. At this time, "Hanabio" shall take necessary measures to notify the users of the shipping process and status of the goods.
    ② "Hanabio" shall specify shipping methods, shipping charge payer per method, shipping period per method, etc. for the goods purchased by users. If "Hanabio" exceeds the agreed shipping period, it shall indemnify the damage arising out of the delay. However, "Hanabio" shall not be held responsible if it proves that it did not cause the damage either intentionally or negligently.

  • Article 16. Refund

    If "Hanabio" cannot deliver or provide the goods purchased/ordered by users due to such reasons as sold-out, it shall notify the reason to the users without delay; if it has received their payment for the goods in advance, it shall refund the money to them within three (3) business days from the date of receiving the payment or take any necessary measures.

  • Article 17. Cancellation of Agreement

    ① The users who entered into an agreement with"Hanabio" for the purchase of goods may cancel the agreement within seven (7) days from the date of receiving the agreement terms in writing as per Article 13-2 of "Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc." (or the date of receiving the goods or starting the supply of the goods if their supply is later than the time of receiving the written notice). However, if specified otherwise in "Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.", the statues shall be followed.
    ② If users received goods and subject to one of the following, they cannot ask for a refund or exchange:
    1. Goods are destroyed or damaged due to a cause attributable to users (However, cancellation of agreement is still possible if users opened the package of the goods to see the content inside)
    2. The value of the goods is significantly reduced due to the users' use or partial consumption of the goods
    3. The value of the goods is significantly reduced to the extent that its condition is no longer suitable for sale as time passes by
    4. The packaging of the goods that is the source of reproduction is damaged when the goods can be used to reproduce another goods of the same functionality
    ③ In the case of Paragraphs 2 through 4 of Article 2, users are not restricted from canceling agreement if "Hanabio" did not display the restrictions to cancellation of agreement in advance in an area where users can easily see or take necessary measures such as providing a test product.
    ④ Notwithstanding Articles 1 and 2, if the content of goods is different from ads/descriptions or implemented differently from the agreed terms, users may cancel the agreement within three (3) months from the date of receiving the goods or thirty (30)days from the date of recognizing or being able to know the difference.

  • Article 18. Effects of Cancellation of Agreement

    ① If users returned goods, "Hanabio" shall refund money for the goods already purchased within three (3) business days. Here, if "Hanabio" delayed the refund for the goods to the users, it shall pay the interest for the period of delay calculated by multiplying the delay interest according to Article 21-2 of "Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc." to the delay period.
    ② Regarding refund, if users made a payment for the goods using a transaction method such as credit card or electronic money, "Hanabio" shall make a request to stop the payment transaction of the goods to the business operator that provided the payment method without delay.
    ③ In the event of cancellation of agreement, the cost necessary for the return of the shipped goods shall be borne by the users. "Hanabio" does not ask for compensation or charge penalty to users who canceled the agreement. However, if users cancel the agreement because there are differences between ads/descriptions of the goods and the actual products or the terms is implemented differently, the cost necessary for the return of the shipped goods shall be borne by "Hanabio".
    ④ If users paid for delivery fee to receive their goods, "Hanabio" shall clearly show the users who is responsible for the resultant cost in the case of cancellation of agreement.

Responsibilities of Contracting Parties

  • Article 19. Privacy Policy

    ① When collecting personal information, "Hanabio" collects the minimum amount of personal information from users to the extent necessary for providing the Services.
    ② "Hanabio" does not collect any information necessary for implementing purchase agreement in advance during the member signup process, unless collecting the minimum amount of specific personal information necessary for personal identification before purchase agreement in accordance with the relevant laws in order to implement its duties.
    ③ When collecting and using personal information of users, "Hanabio" shall notify their purpose and obtain user consent.
    ④ "Hanabio" cannot use the collected personal information for any purpose other than intended. If another new purpose has arisen or the information is to be provided to a third party, it shall notify the purpose to users and obtain their consent when using/providing the information. However, this shall not apply if otherwise specified by the relevant laws.
    ⑤ If "Hanabio" has to obtain consent from users according to Paragraphs 2 and 3, it shall post or notify the regulations specified in Article 22-2 of "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc." such as identity of the Chief Privacy Office (organization, full name, phone number, and other contact information), purpose of collecting information, purpose of use, and information-shared third party data (information recipient, purpose of sharing, content to be shared with), and users may withdraw this agreement at any time.
    ⑥ Users may, at any time, request "Hanabio" access to their personal information and error correction, and "Hanabio" is obliged to take necessary measures immediately without delay. If users ask for correction of error, "Hanabio" shall not use the personal information until the error is corrected.
    ⑦ "Hanabio" shall minimize the number of persons in charge of handling users' personal information to protect privacy, and shall be held responsible for any damage to the users arising out of loss, theft, leakage, unauthorized sharing with a third party, forgery of users' personal information such as credit card and bank account.
    ⑧ "Hanabio" or a third party that received personal information from "Hanabio" shall destroy the personal information without delay upon achieving the purpose of collecting or receiving the personal information.
    ⑨ "Hanabio" shall not leave the box of consent regarding collection/use/provision of personal information checked by default. Also, "Hanabio" shall specify, in detail, any services that will be restricted if users do not consent to the collection/use/provision of personal information, and shall not limit the services (e.g. signup) to users who declined the collection/use/provision of personal information but agreed with required fields.

  • Article 20. Responsibilities of "Hanabio"

    ① "Hanabio" shall not behave in violation of the laws, this Terms and Conditions, or public order and good morals, and make its best efforts to keep providing the goods and services stably in accordance with this Terms and Conditions.
    ② "Hanabio" shall have a security system to protect the personal information of users (including credit information) so that users can safely use its internet service.
    ③ "Hanabio" shall indemnify users for any damage to them incurred by violating Article 3 Prohibition, etc. against Unfair Labeling or Advertising of "Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising" regarding its goods and services.
    ④ "Hanabio" shall not send any advertising emails for commercial purposes if users do not want to receive them.

  • Article 21. Member's Responsibilities for ID and Password

    ① Members are responsible for managing their own ID and password except in the case of Article 19.
    ② Member should not reveal their ID and password to a third party.
    ③ If members notices their ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, they shall notify to "Hanabio" immediately and follow the directions of "Hanabio" if any.


  • Article 22. User's Responsibilities

    Users shall not act in the following way:
    1. Registering false information when applying for or changing
    2. Stealing other's information
    3. Changing information posted on "Hanabio"
    4. Sending or posting any information other than information set by "Hanabio" (e.g. computer program)
    5. Infringing intellectual property rights (e.g. copyrights) of "Hanabio" or a third party
    6. Defaming the honor or interrupting the business of "Hanabio" or a third party
    7. Exposing or posting on the mall sexual/violent messages, videos, audios, or any information that violates public order and good morals

  • Article 23. Ownership of Copyright and Restricted Use

    ① Copyrights and any intellectual property rights for works of "Hanabio" belong to "Hanabio".
    ② Users shall not use the information of which intellectual property rights belong to "Hanabio" out of all information obtained from the use of "Hanabio" for commercial purposes using reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting, or any other methods or allow a third party to use such information without prior approval of "Hanabio".
    ③ If "Hanabio" has to use copyrights owned by its users according to the agreement, it shall notify them of such use.

  • Article 24. Indemnification

    ① "Hanabio" shall not assume responsibilities for the Services if it cannot provide the Services due to natural disaster or similar force majeure.
    ② "Hanabio" shall not assume responsibilities for problems with the use of the Services due to a cause attributable to users.
    ③ "Hanabio" shall not assume responsibilities for the loss of profits that members expected out of using this Services or the loss caused by resources that they obtained from other services.
    ④ "Hanabio" shall not assume responsibilities for the credibility or accuracy of members' content such as posts, resources, and information.
    ⑤ "Hanabio" shall not assume responsibilities for any trade between members or between members and a third party using the Services as the medium.

  • Article 25. Dispute Resolution

    ① "Hanabio" shall establish and run the grievances handling unit to listen to users' valid complaints and/or grievances and compensate the damage.
    ② "Hanabio" shall prioritize the handling of grievances and complaints from users. However, if they cannot be handled promptly, it should notify the users of the reason and target date to handle the issues.
    ③ With regard to e-commerce dispute between "Hanabio" and its users, if users file an application for the remedy, both parties may follow the Fair Trade Commission or a dispute mediation agency designated by city/governor.

  • Article 26. Jurisdiction and Governing Law

    ① A legal suit for e-commerce between "Hanabio" and its users shall be based on the address of the users at the time of filing the lawsuit; if they have no address, the district court that has jurisdiction over the residence location shall have exclusive jurisdiction. However, if the users' address or residence is not clear or they are overseas residents, the lawsuit shall be brought to the competent court pursuant to Civil Procedure Act.
    ② The Korean laws shall be applied to a lawsuit between "Hanabio" and its users.

  • * Addenda

    1. This Terms and Conditions is effective as of March 11, 2020.
    2. The previous Terms and Conditions that has been effective since August 14, 2019 will be replaced by this Terms and Conditions.