HanaBio Food Business

Founded in 2009, the company has been focusing on developing fertilizers used for organic farming
and biofood to stabilize its business. With constant investment in technology,
the company has become one of the leading companies in the industry.

Hana Bio Food

HanaBio Food

Hana Bio Food directly cultivates (some at the farms in Vietnam), produces, and processes functional food using the eco-friendly biotech fertilizers, biotic pesticides, and natural herbicides provided by Hana Biotech. The company offers delicious and healthy food that helps preventing the major medical conditions of contemporary people (cerebral apoplexy, cardiovascular malfunction, cancer, and dementia) and improving the immune system while expanding its fields of business.

Main food products of HanaBio FoodPlukenetia Volubilis, Trigonelline Coffee, Fresh Fruit Puree, Lotus Tea, Red Ginseng/Fresh Ginseng, Honey

  • Sacha-Inchi A type of nut with rich Omega 3, which also provides various nutrition from Omega 3-6-9, natural calcium, and iron to zinc for healthy development of brain and enhancement of immunity system.

  • Trigonelline Coffee A functional coffee product with a rich amount of chlorogenic acid and trigonelline that can be harvested only in clean alpine regions of Vietnam (helps recovery from Alzheimer's disease). You can enjoy not only the coffee's healthy substances but also its impressive body and aroma.

  • Fresh Fruit Puree Sugar-free puree from fresh fruit!
    Grown in subtropical regions, this fresh fruit puree contains a variety of anti-cancer bioactive compounds. Feel the taste of nature with this sweet and healthy drink.

  • Lotus Tea Divided into four different products based on their functions:
    Pure No.1 - 4.
    Lotus sprout tea good for diet (Pure No.1 Diet Tea),
    Lotus Stamen Tea good for men (Pure No.2 Male Stamina Tea),
    Lotus seed tea for insomnia alleviation and sweet dreams
    (Pure No.3 Happy Dream Tea),
    Lotus leaf tea for relaxation of tired body
    (Pure No.4 Relaxation Tea)

  • Red Ginseng/Fresh Ginseng Grown in fertile soil of Sobaek mountains full of metamorphic rock organisms, the Punggi ginseng of HanaBio Food has an unrivaled deep aromatic scent and a sturdy body structure with a high content of effective saponin.

  • Honey Honey is composed of carbohydrates (a compound of carbon and hydrogen) as the main components such as glucose and fructose. The carbon isotope consumption (carbon consumption) of 100% pure honey collected by bees in nature is generally -22% to -24/5 or less. Hana Biofood's natural honey is tested by the Korean Beekeeping Association to provide only safe products. In addition to the carbon ratio, we provide only the best quality honey by carefully selecting high-quality honey with a focus on the presence of various methods of artificial sweeteners, antibiotic detection, and moisture content.